Thursday, September 29, 2011

Puppy Mill And Animal Shelter Owners Get Their Sentence

The place that was called One More Chance Rescue and Adoption owner named Jeff Burgess was convicted for animal cruelty and given five years probation and will not be allowed to own dog for a year .

The Judge also Jeff Burgess is not allowed to interact with any kind of animal shelter or dog affiliated organization for what he did at his so called rescue. There were three hundred and sixty seven neglected dogs and they also found seventy six dead dogs in his rat hole.

So finally this Bethel Township animal abuser has received his sentence for what he did to those dogs, I only wish it was more for his neglect to these dogs. The guy was even offered help and he said no while dogs died and lived in hell.

Read the article by Megan O’Rourke here.

Remember the Caldwell County puppy mill in NC that was busted and nearly three hundred dogs were rescued from the place called Mason Creek Kennel in Hudson, NC .Well the owner named William ( Bill ) Thomas Allen has pleaded guilty to one hundred and four counts of animal cruelty for the neglect he caused these dogs.

So now another puppy mill is closed for good.

Read the article here.

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