Sunday, September 18, 2011

Do You Know Where The Money Is Really Going

I decided to change the title of the post from Dog Killing Artist Gets A Contract to what I posted after I started to read into this dog killing artist named Tom Otterness who is being awarded money for two project with one in NY and the other in CA.

Some of you probably don't remember this dog killer Tom Otterness who made a snuff film out of his dog that he adopted. Then back in 1977 he filmed shooting his dog for a video called Shot Dog Film, how sick is that.

So now the a New York Library in Battery Park is going to have a piece of art which is being paid by a donor on their front steps. And over in San Francisco, CA the San Francisco Arts Commission will be giving this dog killer seven hundred and fifty grand for his work.

As I said that I started to read a little more about this dog killer and I came across this petition to stop the New York work from being done. And then I ran into a site called Peta kills animals which were really disturbing to read about how many dogs these people really kill when they are always asking for money which doesn't even go to help support our buddies. Then off a link there was a site called Humane Watch.Org, which goes on to say how they too have been downgraded for their so called contributions to support our buddies.

So as of today I will be removing all their banners for the mis-truths of their real support for my buddies. Sorry if I offended anybody but if you are asking for support to help these cats and dogs but you chose to spend the money somewhere else and kill these animals when your suppose to be helping them, then you're no friend of mine. Woof…Woof…

So if you love animals you should support your local animal shelter instead of these so call animal groups. I know that I will…

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