Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad, Bad, Good and Glad Dog News

Tennessee Woman Comes Home to find her dog hung

How could anybody do something like this to a dog. That’s what the owner named Juanita Phariss would like to know after she found her ten month old Siberian Husky hanging from her tree.

I hope that the local police finds this animal abuser and charges whoever it was with the maximum fine. This had to be a horrible day for this woman to see this when she came home.

Read the article by Mark Bell here.

Lake Wales, FL Couple Arrested For Animal Cruelty

The local Deputies from Polk County have arrested Kelly Elizabeth Ryan and Buddy Alan McCann and charged these two with eighty four counts of animal cruelty and other charges for not having any food or water for their pets.

Read the article here.

For Some Good News

Two dogs that got lost in Rampart Range Recreation Area in western Douglas County, CO have been found when some dirt bike riders seen the two dogs on a trail and reported it to the local Sheriff.

Luckily these dogs were able to survive and after the vet checked them out they were able to return home with their owner.

It’s always nice to read about a happy ending after reading so many sad articles lately.

Read the article by Ryan Budnick here.

Well One More Pet Store Will Not Be Selling Any Pets

The Oregon Humane Society has confiscated over one hundred animals from the Circus World Pets store in Newport, Oregon today.

I can only look at this as another pet mill being closed down with so many animals up for adoption you would think these stores would be helping out, but no they are out to make a buck and turn a blind eye on these animal mills.

Read the article by Toshio Suzuki here.

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