Saturday, October 1, 2011

You Would Think That It Was An Honor To Have A K9 Dog As Your Partner

Most Police Officers know that they are honored to be the one who’s partner is a K9 dog but this office named Bob Diorio from the Tinley Park Police department in Illinois thinks that he should be paid more for working with his partner.

So now this police office is disgracing that honor to serve with a K9 dog. What has become of the guy who has turned his job into greed and has shown that his partner is nothing but doggy care? Yes that’s what he suing for doggy care.

This is just sad that this specially trained dog Thor has a partner like that.

Read the article by Ashley Rueff here.

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Anonymous said...

As a dog handler in a nearby police department, I agree it is an honor to be entrusted with the duty to train, maintain, and use you K9 partner. However we are talking about Federal Labor Law, the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) specifically. Now if you disagree with that law, you can also throw out the mandatory minimum wage, workplace safety, short and long term disability, maternity leave, the 40 hour workweek, age restrictions on workers to prevent child labor, and yes overtime for hours worked over your 40 hours a week.
Agree or disagree, the village of Tinley Park has been violating the FLSA for over 15 years in this regard and they will have to pay what is OWED to their worker.