Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harry Potter Dog Berry Being Dumped By Its Owner

Yes you read that right, the owner of the Harry Potter dog Berry named Daniel Radcliffe is looking for someone to take on his two dogs because he says he doesn’t have time for the dog.

Reading some of the comments you can see that everybody is mad at his decision to dump his long time companion. He just sounds like the so called animal lovers who dump their dogs off daily at the shelters.

You would think if he is going to be working in an area for a time that he would have brought his two dogs with him, it’s not like he can’t afford it.

I also like one of the comments by Roger Renthro who said: So what Mr. Thompson, you can no longer use these dogs to earn you money so it is out to pasture for them then? You are out of town using other animals to make money for you. Be honest. You should at least pay someone to care for them as they have earned you piles of money. DISGUSTING behavior from you, pal.

So what’s your thought about this so called dog lover.

Read the article by Mary McConnell here.

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