Wednesday, September 21, 2011

China’s People Stand Up To Live Dog Eating Carnival

Finally the government of China has given in to the people request to end the sick carnival where they kill live dogs and eat them in public. So hopefully this old tradition will come to an end with all the support from the local people.

A township official named Zhang Jianhong said: The government stopped the dog eating carnival held in every October in Qianxi Township, Jinhua City in Zhejiang Province due to resentment voiced on the Internet as well as increasing discontent among villagers.

The guy that started this protest on line named Junchangzai said: The government's quick response should be encouraged. I hope eating dogs will not be a custom there anymore. It's not a carnival, but a massacre.

Well for me I'm totally against eating dogs and I know that it was an old custom for some of these countries, but to kill the dogs while they are alive in the street is so sickening to even think about.

I don't know who this guy Junchangzai is, but he has opened the minds of a lot of the Chinese people to see how sick this old culture really is. And all of us dog lover would like to thank him for all he did to help put a stop to this. Hopefully he will continue on and help put a total stop to this barbaric custom.

Read the article by Yang Lina here.

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