Saturday, September 17, 2011

Canadian Puppy Mill Raid Nets 500 Dogs While US Raid Nets 66 And A Wolf

Their was a raid that happened just west of Montreal when five hundred dogs were removed from a puppy mill that were suffering with skin and respiratory problems as reported by Guy Auclair from the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Lauren Scott was quoted as saying: This is definitely one the largest operations that we've ever come across in Canada. It also involves some of the worst conditions we have seen to date. I personally can say that I found it heartbreaking to see what these dogs have endured.

Now the Humane Society International will be treating and caring for these dogs while they wait and see what charges will be filed on the owners of this puppy mill.

Read the article here.

While down in Prosperity, SC an animal abuser named Kenny Caldwell has been charged with sixty six charges of animal cruelty when the police had to remove all the dogs and one wolf.

So now this is another puppy mill that will be shut down because Caldwell didn't even have a permit or a license to run a puppy mill. Hopefully this place doesn't ever open again.

Read the article by Emily Baird here.

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