Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dead, Abused and Thrown Out Dogs In The News Today

So who threw the little Maltese out of the nineteenth story window to die, well the Dallas police is looking into a women’s boyfriend after a fight broke out between the two.

So after reading the article you have to know that it was her boyfriend who did this out of anger, so the question is why hasn’t he been arrested by now.

A Dallas police Sgt. Named Warren Mitchell said: When she arrived home around 8 o'clock the next morning, she was informed by tenants who lived there at the apartment as well that her dog which she had left the night before was deceased on the 8th floor, Keep in mind she lives on the 19th floor.

This is so sad to try and understand why someone would do this to a little dog because they were angry. Yes I have found this guy guilty because who else was in the apartment at the time.

Read the article here.

A lazy girl named Joan Renee Zalk who was watching a friends dog had decided to walk her friends dogs while driving her car will soon be facing charges of animal cruelty and felony menacing for what see did.

Then reading a statement by the owner of the dog named Erin Livers said that she knew Joan Zalk walked her dog like that really kills me. How could you call yourself a responsible dog owner knowing that this was going on? I really feel that Livers should be charged with animal abuse too for allowing this to go on.

Read the article by Blair Shiff here.

Then you have an employee named Leroy Huff from the Social Security office in Winder, GA who physically man handled a woman named Melissa McMann because she had a service dog with now papers.

What’s wrong with these people that they don’t know what a service dog is and then to harm the poor lady and forcefully push her out the door. I very surprised that her husband only called the police and didn’t hit the guy. All I know is if you did that to my wife the outcome would have been a lot different.

Melissa McMann said: I proceeded to tell him that he doesn't have papers but that he's wearing his harness and he's a certified seeing eye dog.

I feel real bad for what this woman went through because of the stupidity of this employee. So remember that service dogs are there for a reason and sometimes you are totally unaware of the person’s illness, so be kind and respect the person and their dog when you see them.

Read the article here.

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