Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Dog Wouldn’t Obey Me So I Beat Him

That’s what a sick animal abuser named Sam Wray Mullinax from Cleveland County, NC said about the beating he gave his little puppy with a stick.

The Cleveland County health services coordinator Sam Lockridge said: It was pretty vicious, sickening really, It was a pup, probably around four months, maybe a little older.

This poor puppy had a fractured skull from being beaten so hard it had to be killed and now this animal abuser Sam Wray Mullinax who has been charged with animal cruelty will be the first abuser charged under the new law in NC called Susie’s Law.

So now we will have to wait and see what this new law is all about when court time comes. I personally hope it hurts just like he did to his puppy.

Read the article by Rebecca Clark here.


Anonymous said...

I think puppies should not be treated as humans I think so many pepper are so into this it's crazy if I gage a dog that won't obey i'm suppose to continue to spend my money on it and take care of something that won't listen that's crazy and I won't... If I bought it and it won't do as I want then what I do is my business

Jessica Rodriguez said...

Idiot! Im sure the way you were raised by your parents was their business too... Sad to see that if someone intefered in the way they brought you up, you'd probably be taken seriously. Not the piece of trash you have become.