Friday, September 2, 2011

The Saved And The Charged

Up in New Castle, Ohio five pit bulls have been saved after some construction workers heard their cry from a storm drain and were rescued by the local fire fighters.

Apparently the mother dog had a total of ten puppies and five of them fell into the storm drain somehow , but she caught the curiosity of the construction works and lead them to her puppies.

What a great article to read today that these puppies have gotten not only another chance but they were all adopted by the local town folks.

Read the article here.

Now for the sad news

How many times have we read about people leaving the pets in the car and they died. Well this time it was even worse when Isabella Rojas-Soriano from Perth Amboy, NJ tied her dogs leash around the headrest of the seat in her vehicle while they went to eat.

The poor dog named Scoobey had become tangled up and chocked it’s self to death. What a sad way to die because the owner Isabella just didn’t leave her dog home knowing that they were going to leave the dog in the minivan. Now Isabella has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty for what she had done and to top it off the poor family had to see their dog lying dead in the minivan.

Read the article by Charles Webster here.


Reva said...

I just love dogs.. nd concerned for their security too. always try to be the one to help them and will always do that.

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