Friday, September 16, 2011

So You Only Killed 5,174 Cats And Dogs

I have read so many times about how so many animals that has been killed because of these selfless so called pet owners that will just dump their pets when the going gets rough. Then to read about another animal shelter who thinks that they are doing a good job because killed only eighty four less animals then they did the year before.

It is just sickening on how these so called pet owners don’t even seem to care about the pet that they once love just to have it killed because it was an inconvenient to their needs.

Yes a lot of people are losing the jobs and home, but there are a lot of places that are offering to help with feeding them too. The biggest one I read about is the one that says: we had to move and they don’t allow pets, well how come you didn’t rent from a place the doses allow pets.

So there is really no excuse when you really think about it except for someone who becomes too ill or too old is probably the only true reason. Then again I still see many people that are old in age still holding on tight to their pets because they still know what love is about.

More and more I dislike those puppy mills that just keep on breading these puppies for money.

So here is that sad article by Brian Perry about all those dogs they killed here.

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