Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Starved, Killed And Greatful Dogs In The News

The Huntington Police in W. VA. are looking for an animal abuser named Robert Jarrett who had left seven pit bulls with no food or water outside in the hot weather to fend for themselves for the last three weeks.

How could someone just leave their poor dogs for that long with no food or water. Now Robert Jarrett will be looking at seven charges of animal cruelty if he is caught.

These poor dogs would have been left outside even longer if it wasn't for a neighbor named Romaine Johnson who finally took matters into his own hands to put an end to this abuse.

Read the article by Kelly Brennan here.

Two Indiana animal shelters are hitting on hard times with one of them called Humane Society of Putnam County in Greencastle will be closing up shop at the end of the month and now they don’t know what to do will the animal in their shelter come closing time.

So the question is are they going to kill all these cats and dogs because they are unable to find them homes before they close or will another shelter somewhere take these animal and give them another chance at life.

Then you have Animal Care and Control in Marion County which says it has to kill some twenty animals a day from lack of funds and they are looking at even more cuts which will make the odds of one of these animals life even worst.

Where are all the animal lovers in this sad state that will offer some kind of help to these shelters. It’s so sad to read things like this when you wonder how many people that say they love animals and run out and buy one to just dump them off to be killed.

Read the two sad articles here: Putnam County …. Marion County

Well at least one area is looking out for the animals in their local shelters. A group of restaurants will be helping out the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation of Winston-Salem today when twenty five of these businesses will be offering a percentage of their sales to help support homeless and helpless animals in their area.

Now that is how you show your support for these poor animals that are in need of finding a new home. A Big Thanks to all of these restaurants for their support.

The Oklahoma City Police are looking for the lowlife that tied two dogs to a tree where one of them had died. The one that died was a neighbor of Cindy Sullivan who had found the two dogs and said that the one that was dead has been missing for months.

So now is there some wacko running around killing dogs in Oklahoma as Cindy Sullivan had said that she has seen this before. It makes you wonder if your dog will be next.

Read the article by Bobbie Miller here.

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