Thursday, September 22, 2011

NJ Police Arrest NY Sicko For Chocking The Eye Out Of A Dog

After lying to the West New York Police an animal abuser named Rafael Ramirez Alvarez was arrested for chocking a little Pomeranian eye right out of it socket. Now if that isn't sick thing to do that to a little dog or any dog.

The Director of the West New York Police Department Michael Indri said: I think it's shameful, I'm very glad we were able to apprehend this guy because something this cruel, especially to a defenseless animal, is not going to be tolerated.

Now this abuser Rafael Ramirez Alvarez has been charged with third degree animal cruelty with might get him three to five years in a cage. I only hope that the judge is an animal lover and confines this lowlife to the max.

Read the article by Michaelangelo Conte here.

Update: Rafael Ramirez Alvarez who is currently locked up in the Hudson County Jail has his bail set at fifteen thousand dollars but due to being illegally in the country he will probably be deported.

And for the poor little dog had to have one of its eyes removed because of the sicko and possibly the other eye. All this because he was drunk and angry then decided to take it out on the dog. Now thats a lowlife and I hope that he gets whats coming to him.

Read the update here.

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