Friday, September 23, 2011

Today’s Dog News: Help, Sad and Fun Dog Times

An animal shelter in Georgetown, Ohio named the Brown County Animal Shelter has hit the wall with so many dogs that they might have to make the un-wanting decision that we all hate to here because so many people that called themselves animal lovers are dumping their dogs in the streets or at the shelter.

The Brown County Dog Warden named James Massie said: We're trying to give the public and rescues as much time to get these dogs out and find them homes. We don't like putting a dog down period, but if we do we're going to do it right and humanely. Some of the dogs we've had almost two months. We try to hold onto these dogs as long as we can. There's no use for us to put a dog down if it's healthy, non-aggressive, and perfectly adoptable.

So where are all you dog lovers in Ohio the shelter needs your help.

Read the article by Bryce Anslinger here.

As the dog banning goes on in the city of Overland, MO as of 2012 you will not be able to own a pit bull dog unless you register your dog before January. So that's got to make a lot of dog lovers mad because of a few uncaring owners who chose to make their pit bulls aggressive.

The officials are saying that they are being proactive. So what kind of dogs are they going to ban next, because of the real animal abusers? I'm glad that I don't live in that town that chooses to discriminate a dog because of its breed.

Read the article here.

The Surgarcreek Borough Police in PA are looking for a brutal dog killer who shot one dog and beat another to death.

The dog owner Dusty Carter two dogs who got loose said: We put fliers up looking for them and got a call they were found shot and dumped in the creek. My pit bull was shot with a high-powered rifle. It tore her apart and my boxer had a crushed skull and a broken neck. She was evidently beaten to death.

The Surgarcreek Borough Police Chief Matthew Carlson said: They basically showed no regard for the lives of the dogs, A lot of times someone who does this has no conscience toward the life of a canine.

I agree with the police chief on this on because whoever did this is one sick individual that needs to be locked up for a long time.

Read the article here.

And for a little fun dog news if you are in Colorado this weekend. First there is the National Agility Championships that will be held at the Mesa County Fairgrounds that will have a special two time winner named Teddy Bear.

This dog has been though hell before being adopted and to make it this far just shows that you can train any dog to be a winner. So if your there enjoy the day as a hundred plus K-9 dogs show you there skills.

Read the article by Kelly Asmuth here.

Then if your in Kusa, Co you can enjoy the day at the Dachtober Fest that sounds like fun with dog races and so much more. They are donating the proceeds to help support the All Breed Rescue Group & Giner’s Legacy.

So how can you go wrong, when you get to watch the fun and support an animal shelter.

Read the article by Ann King here.

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