Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beaten, Lost and Hostage Dogs

How could you strike your dog with a two by four and think that it’s not animal abuse. Well in Endicott, NY the police have charged George Clarke with torturing and injuring an animal for what he did to his dog.

Now a judge will have to decide if Clarke will be charge with the abuse or not, but even though there was a witness to the beating of this dog and an admission to the abuse the judge who have found him guilty.

A person think this should never be able to own another animal in his life for what he did to his dog.

Read the article here.

A woman named Delilah King is asking for your help in finding her service dog named Buddy that she lost while in an accident @ I-25 and 38th Ave in Denver, CO.

Delilah King said: Buddy is irreplaceable. I would give anything to have him back, we don’t go anywhere without one another. It’s really hard.

So if you have seen Buddy and who like to help Delilah find her dog please contact here @ rogue86@rocketmail.com

Read the article by Deborah Takahara here.

So it’s bad enough that you were caught in Hurricane Irene and you had to put your dog in a shelter, but to find out that you might not be able to get your dog back for another six months is crazy.

It all started out when the temp shelter also had bats flying around in it with the dogs and official named Jerry Parks who is not answering anybody on the answer about why there dogs have to be quarantined for six months.

Could you only imagine what these owners and their dogs will go though if they are unable to get there dogs back for six months. I feel for these people and wish that someone will help them out.

One of the dog owners named Billy Harvell said: I put them three dogs down there during the hurricane thinking y’all had chosen a safe place for my animal. Apparently y’all didn't. While another dog owner named Linda Best said: Six months is a long time for a dog. If any of you have a dog, you would understand.

Read the article here.


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