Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Weren’t Suppose To Teach My Child Dog Fighting

Photo by Cook County Sheriff's Department/CBS

The Cook County Sheriff Department in Illinois have busted a dog fighting ring that was going on in the same house that was used as a daycare center. The Sheriff’s charged Charles Sutton the home owner with felony dog fighting along with Lance Webb with felony dog fighting and Martez Andersen a felon in possession of an unsprayed or unneutered dog.

How crazy is that to have these killer dogs in their garage right next to these little kids, what could have happened is one’s worst nightmare. Thank God none of these kids came in contact with the dogs and luckily the Police were able to shut down another one of these cruel dog fighting rings.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said: The dogs were in horrific condition and approximately ten children were found in the day care during the raid Tuesday, but they were not in the immediate vicinity of the dogs.

Just looking at the video is enough to make you sick.

Read the article here.

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