Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Paid 582 Grand For A Dog

Photo by AFP

How many times have we read about people that are unable to afford to even keep their dog let alone have the money to buy one. Just think of all the bills that you have by owning a dog like dog food, vet bills and we can’t forget their toys.

So when I read this article that a women named Mrs. Wang from China paid five hundred and eighty two grand for a black Tibetan Mastiff it just blew me away. It just goes to show that people with money don’t care about any homeless dogs they just go out and pay some outrages price for a dog.

So now the dog named Yangtze River Number Two is being called the most expensive dog in the world. I wonder how many dogs that kind of money could have saved in these times of needs.

Read the article here.

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