Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BBC Convicts Mom & 2 Others For Dog Fighting

Photo by BBC

The RSPCA not only breaks one of the largest dog fighting rings they now have the convictions of a mother of three named Claire Parker from Lincolnshire along with Mohammed Faroog who is from Birmingham. There was also an unnamed seventeen year old that will be sentenced too.

When you watch the video showing the poor dogs fighting it just turns your stomach. I would like to know who the other people were that were shown on the video because they should have been charged too.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Ian Briggs said: Dog fighting is a barbaric and cruel so called sport which belongs in the Dark Ages and horrific suffering is caused to the dogs involved. Those that continue to pursue this activity should understand that the RSPCA and the police will continue to bring those responsible before the courts.

Read the article here.

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