Tuesday, September 15, 2009

K-9 Cart Comes Out With A New Dog Wheelchair

K-9 Cart East Introduces the Lightest Fully Adjustable Dog Wheelchair for Small Handicapped Pets

K-9 Cart Company East announces the release of their new ultra lightweight dog wheelchair for small dogs, cats, and other disabled pets making it even easier to get back their mobility.

Oxford, MD (PRWEB) September 15, 2009 -- K-9 Cart Company East introduces a new ultra lightweight, veterinary-designed dog wheelchair weighing 1-2 lbs. that is custom-made of high tech materials for strength. K-9 Cart Company East has been designing, building, and perfecting their dog carts for 45 years and now raises the industry standard by producing the lightest, fully adjustable custom dog wheelchair. Now, small dogs and cats can become mobile in a state-of-the-art dog cart by http://www.k-9cart.com that is >20% lighter without sacrificing durability.

"Dachshunds, pugs, and other small dogs can often develop back and other orthopedic injuries using a heavy dog wheelchair", says Dr. Lincoln Parkes, CEO of http://www.k-9cart.com. "Our new dog wheelchair that weighs less than 2 lbs. allows these small pets to run, play ball, and resume normal activities easily for an extended number of years after spinal cord or other injuries. Cheaper imitation wheelchairs for dogs or DIY dog carts made out of PVC pipe may be lightweight but are not engineered by a veterinarian and lack the sturdiness of a K-9 Cart."

What makes K-9 Cart Company East dog wheelchairs stand out over other dog cart companies is that Dr. Parkes, a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, personally oversees the production and fitting of each and every dog cart. Using aluminum tube and high impact plastics, the dog carts are custom-made in house in Maryland for each dog. Unlike other companies, which often use off-the-shelf slings and parts made in China, the custom machining at K-9 Cart Company East allows the quick introduction of new designs and improvements.

K-9 Cart East dog wheelchairs are not "one-size-fits-all" as advertised by other dog cart companies, but made specifically for your pet. Thus, each dog cart is the lightest possible wheelchair for your pet. Yet, K-9 Cart dog carts are fully adjustable in length, width, and height to allow fine tuning of the fit. Despite this personalized attention to each dog wheelchair, most dog carts are shipped within 1-3 business days!

This new patented ultra lightweight design from K-9 Cart Company East introduces an enhanced, lightweight frame that reduces the weight of extra small to small dog cart for dogs weighing under 25 lbs. by 20% to well under 1-2 lbs for most pets. That's like the weight of 3-6 cell phones maximum for an entire wheelchair! EVA foam-filled tires that will never go flat help keep the cart light but allow the dog to maneuver over a variety of terrains including outdoor hiking trails.

Unlike other dog wheelchairs on the market, these dog carts are available with a detachable leg sling for easy entry into the cart or can be used alone as a handheld sling. This makes entry and exit from their dog cart simple; there is no cumbersome harnesses needed, which make it difficult to get your pet in or out of other types of dog carts.

Dogs aren't the only pet who will benefit from a ultra lightweight dog cart made by K-9 Cart Company East. Cats, rabbits, and ferrets will also profit from a strong yet lightweight wheelchair.

For additional information on the new ultra lightweight K-9 Cart Company East dog wheelchair, visit http://www.k-9cart.com or call 1-866-K9-CARTS (1-866-592-2787). The new extra small and small dog carts are available starting September 15, 2009.

About K-9 Cart Company East:

At K-9 Cart Company East, Dr. Parkes, now retired from veterinary surgery, still tends to the daily ever changing challenges presented by each disabled animal. Our goal at K-9 Cart Company East will always be to provide the best mobility alternative for your pet. Our professional background in veterinary medicine and cart designing of 45 years provides an unmatched opportunity to serve both the mobility needs and medical advice for your disabled best friend.


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