Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Little Dog Fun Today

Over in Westport, Mass there was the third annual Dachshund Day event which was held by the Partners Village Store & Kitchen to help support the Humane Society.

Just love those little dachshunds….

Then there was the third annual Paws for Hope walk-a-thon up in Nicholls Oval to help support the Canadian Cancer Society. Some of the special guests were Nutmeg from the Central East Dog Therapy along with Polly and Pete who are also therapy dogs too.

Out in Bismarck, ND they had their Bismarck Kennel Club`s Lure Coursing Fun Run to help support their dog show.

Down in Clarksburg, WV they held their annual Dave's Famous T&L Hot Dogs Cruise In to help support the Harrison County Humane Society.

The Mower County Humane Society in NM held their Walk For Animals today to help support the adoptions of their pets.

A Special Thanks goes out to the King’s Harvest in Davenport, IA for helping the homeless dog owners find temp homes for their pets…..


Paw Pets said...

There are all kinds of fun dog events coming up, great to have a place to find out about these furry festivals. Thanks for the posting!

jessica said...

Thanks for this nice post.
keep it up