Monday, September 14, 2009

Did You Send Your Pet Friendly Greeting Card ?

Send Pet-Friendly Greetings

Bond with adorable animal eCards at Card Boiled(TM)!

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Sept.14 /PRNewswire/ -- Some studies have suggested that owning a pet can have a profound effect on your health, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and alleviating loneliness. At the very least, it's an undeniable fact that pets bring incredible happiness into people's lives... even when they're not real. After all, there just wasn't a better "Simpsons" Christmas than when Homer came home with Santa's Little Helper as a family gift. The star of "Frazier" was always that adorable Jack Russell, Eddie. Heck, "Friends" even got us to fall in love with Ross's monkey, Marcel.

When it comes to great gestures, of course, nothing can compare with giving the gift of a pet. It's just a classic move! But in real life, the average day-to-day sentiment calls for something more subtle and practical. Picking out pet-friendly greetings from free eCard web sites such as is a perfect way to elicit a heartfelt "Awwwww" and bring a bit of adorable animal joy into someone's life... without risking the allergies and accident clean-up.

When someone's absence is making you doggone sad, Miss You Puppy will get the message across. They call it a "cat nap," but the Weekend Puppy is a sweet way to wish someone a relaxing weekend. And that special someone won't be able to help but be tickled by something as sweet as Puppy Love.

Mix things up with a Hamster Lunch invite. Give a little love by sending kissing fish Smooches. And the lulz totally abound with Silly Kitty Birthday!

You can even get a little exotic with an atypical animated pet! Your loved one will know how much you depend on them when they see the pacing pitter-patter of the Lost Without You Penguin. You can share the smile someone brings to your face with Happy Pig. And Rock Owl is a hoot of a way to let someone know they're simply awesome

Of course, Card allows you to upload pictures of your own pets to make really personalized e-cards to send to friends and family, too! Add animal-oriented borders and graphics as well as your own message to that shot of a familiar furry face.

And best of all, sending any kind of pet card to show someone you care will leave you feeling absolutely warm and fuzzy inside!

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