Friday, September 18, 2009

No Kill Shelter Has Van & Equipment Stolen

A No Kill Shelter name Home Fur-Ever from Detroit, Michigan had their van and trailer stolen this week by some lowlife’s.

The shelter is now in need of your help to try and replace the vehicle along with about six thousand dollars worth of equipment.

Your Donations will help Home Fur-Ever get back to saving the dogs.

Read the article by Zlati Meyer here.

Two well known dogs have passed on

Who helped out at Ground Zero and the Pentagon after 9-11.

Japan's new prime minister Yukio Hatoyama's dog.


Anonymous said...

i applaude your desire to help homefur ever in their times of misfourtune..but may i add..take a real long look at this rescue! They want their dogs adopted outside detroit..yet r willing to take donations from the people of detroit! To profile Detroit in a negative light and turn around with a hand out taking donations is not right. The director of homefur-ever left 900$$ dollars (info from the news clippings) in the van that was me thats irresponsiblity at its worst! Now she is beggin for donationsto the very community she doesnt want animals adopted to cover her mistake!

Anonymous said...

HomeFur-ever specifically states on their website that their dogs MUST be adopted IN the Detroit metro area - not outside of it; whoever wrote the above comment needs to learn how to read!