Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes I Know This Is A Dog Blog, But I Had To Post This

There is an animal shelter down in Texas called the Humane Society of Montgomery County that is about to kill all the cats and kittens that are left in their shelter today. Just because they are closing their doors forever doesn't give them the right to kill these animals, dose it?

I guess the word Humane Society doesn't mean anything either to them. They all should be charged even if they kill one of these poor defenseless animals.

Read the article here.

I guess this statement doesn't mean anything.

Mission Statement:

The Humane Society of Montgomery County promotes the humane treatment of animals by providing shelter, care, adoptions, spay/neuter programs, and community education.
—Adopted by the Board of Directors, January 18, 2005


Caseylaine said...

I was on my way to adopt one of the cats today when my husband, who was at work at one of the local news stations, notified me that all of the animals had been successfully adopted. I imagine this is the outcome they'd hoped for by stating such a gruesome fact of life. Sometimes that's what it takes to wake people takes the media and dire circumstances for people to finally feel compelled to adopt. Because in reality even the Humane Society with all of their good intent and mission statements, rely on the same resources to succeed that any other business does. Space, people, supplies, money, and community support. The Humane Society has a very long history and plenty of experience making life better for every living creature. I doubt they would euthanize if all other measures had not been fully exhausted, and I am certain that it is done with very heavy hearts. The "Humane" in their name stands for humanity in life AND in death. Unfortunately the pet population is out of control. They also should not be confused with no-kill societies - who may not euthanize but they certainly do turn away when they reach their limits. The Humane Society is there to find homes for those that they can, or humanely euthanize those that they can't. It is naive to attack this long standing, and respected, organization without trying to understand the bigger picture. It should also be noted that the Montgomery County Humane Society, specifically, is one of the few in Houston to offer mobile vet services and free/low cost vet services. They are the unsung heroes for animal rescue and rehab in Harris, Montgomery, and surrounding counties.

Dogman2 said...

Thanks for the update Casey, it nice to hear that they were all saved...