Saturday, September 26, 2009

Should The HSUS & The ASPCA Start Checking Their Members

Photo by Dessislava Yankova

The breeder’s home page says that they are a member of the Humane Society of the United States and members of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. So why has the Border Collie Rescue of Middle Tennessee been allowed to run such a cruel and devastating puppy mill?

The Sumner County Sheriff’s raided this puppy mill yesterday and found the unthinkable. There were one hundred dogs that were matted with fleas; some of the dogs' fur was coming off where they had scratched at the parasites. Let alone dead rats rotted on the floors.

You would think that if a breeder was able to use the names of the Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals these groups would be checking up on these puppy mills. I guess anyone can call themselves members to these groups and not have to worry.

Yes I’m being a little hard on these groups because it is important to have these breeders live up to their names. We keep reading about these puppy mills that call themselves breeders but who is really checking them out to make sure that they are treating the dogs right.

So how many more places like this are out there just making a buck with no care for the poor animals. What we really need is a federal law to help protect all the dogs and not just some states making up a law here and there. Real guild lines are needed to be followed if you are to call yourself a breeder. Let’s put a stop to these lowlife breeders now.

I hope that Richard T. Swafford who is the Executive Director and all the other employees get a heavy fine and go to jail for what they did to these dogs.

Read the article by Dessislava Yankova here.


Napa Valley Insider said...

I totally agree... it's just amazing to me that people can do this to pups and kittens and other animals; they are family members!!! Good on you for letting people know.

Anonymous said...

All of you do realise that the Vet's are in transition on the use of flea products? The old flea products dont work because a amunity hes been built up in dogs. The new flea pills are still pricey. Besides the animal rights movement is dead set against the use of any product that kills fleas. All the ar movement wants is "COMPLETE EXTINCTION" of all dogs and cats. I think your hats are on backwords.

Hillary said...

I work for the HSUS and I'd like to address your concerns. From what I understand, this breeder linked to the HSUS website, which is something over which we have very little control. If the HSUS logo was used, it was done without our permission.

I think the bottom line is that people interested in getting a puppy from a breeder should always see the environment in which the pups are raised. Reputable breeders encourage this type of transparency.

We have more information about identifying responsible dog breeders at

Dogman2 said...

Thanks for your input Hillary, I still feel that your group has control of who puts your logo on their page. It is very easy to search for you logo's though out the web. And all you need to do is ask for them to remove your logo, now that's not to hard. You also said to get a puppy from a reputable breeder, well that why I post my article because these so called breeders have the logo's on their site and the buyer thinks that they are in good standing. What needs to be done is to track down all these so called breeders and make them remove the logo's. Now that not too hard is it. Also when was the last time the humane society made a visit to the list of breeders on your site.

Hillary said...

Hi Dogman - We don't have any list of breeders on our website, so I'm not sure what you're referring to. What we do offer is a checklist for how to identify a good dog breeder.