Friday, April 29, 2011

Who Would Try And Kill 2 Pit Bulls With An Ax?

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Someone tried to kill two pit bulls by hitting them in the head with a ax, that were found in Trenton this morning. Luckily the two dogs were found and were brought to the CARES in Langhorne, PA where they were treated for their wounds.

Dr. Jon Rappaport who is the Co Director for CARES said: The injuries went from front to back over their head. It appears to have been done by some sharp, heavy, blade of some sort. This is very suspicious for some sort of animal abuse. The male dog has a large roughly three inch by one inch deep laceration that goes down to his skull. It looks like a huge gouge was taken out of the dog’s head. It’s over the right frontal aspect of his skull above his eye.

How could anybody do something like this to these two dogs. I hope that the police catch this person for what they did.

Read the article by Dan Stamm here.

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