Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Wonder How Many Animal Shelters Are Like This

The Lucas County Animal Shelter has been killing dogs at a rate of thirty percent over last year in the first four months.

I’m not going to quote anything from this article but with all the so called dog owners that are just dumping their poor dogs off like they were trash has made the whole system of trying to adopt these poor dogs out unbearable.

How many other shelters are killing more dogs this year than last because of these ungratefully owners. Whatever happened to the love you had when you first brought your dog? What have we become in this day and age, that we forgot about the love of another to just discard the things that we once loved.

There is no excuse to just dump your dog off, none what so ever. O I forgot you had to move, well that’s not an excuse or I can’t afford to feed my dog is another one. Well there are many places out there that will give you dog food to help if you have become unemployed, just do a search on the web.

Sorry if I got out of hand here, but it just hurts to read these sad stories all the time.

If you like to read the article by Ignazio Messina go here.

One more thing.
I would like to Personally Thank all the workers and Vets that work in all these animal shelters and see all the sadness. Woof…Woof…

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