Thursday, April 21, 2011

Minnesota Puppy Killer Brought Out The Protesters

An animal abuser named Holly Boyd from Minnesota who charged with killing her little Chihuahua named Diesel when she threw the little puppy who only weighed two pounds against her dresser out of rage when the poor puppy pee on her is facing a protest outside of the court house.

While Holly Boyd had said: This was my dog, I wouldn't hurt it. I've been a member of ASPCA for 12 years.

The stories are now coming out that someone else killed the puppy but when you read the text message she sent to her boyfriend it seems like Holly did do it, but that why we have a court system.

The protesters are looking to get the maximum penalty by promoting a petition in part saying ( Ms. Boyd inflicted such great bodily harm upon this defenseless tiny Chihuahua puppy, that his skull was fractured in several places, and his bowels were protruding from his abdomen.) to be forwarded to the Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo.

Read the article by David Chanen here.

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