Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Where’s Your Dog Like To Hang Out At?

After looking at the photo of this dog called Dubi hanging out on the roof you have to wonder if he just likes to be able to see everything in sight. I know that my little Dachshund just loves being up high, so that he can see further out then from his low profile view.

Photo by Mike Peters/Greenly Tribune

Dubi’s owner J.D. Pickett said: The patio on the house in back is just about four feet below the roof at one point, when Dubi was little, he jumped up there in the snow one winter, and I had to keep helping him down. Now he goes up there every day on his own just watching the neighborhood.
At first neighbors would come to the door and say: Do you know you've got a dog on the roof? Pickett would tell them it was OK. Now people stop and ask if they can take a photo.

Read the article by Mike Peters here.

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