Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Need To Find A Local Vet, Now You Can

American Veterinary Medical Association Launches, An Online Search Tool For Pet Owners

Pet owners searching for a veterinarian need look no further than the American Veterinary Medical Association's

Only a mouse click away, provides pet owners with detailed information about veterinary practices from around the country. Whether they're welcoming a new pet to the home, are moving into a new home themselves or are looking for a veterinarian while out of town, pet owners can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"What makes superior to other online veterinary search tools is the amount of information we provide about each practice on our site," said Dr. Larry Kornegay, AVMA president and a companion-animal practitioner from Houston, Texas. "There aren't any other sites that give you as much information in one place."

Visitors to simply type in a zip code if they're looking for a veterinarian in a geographic area. The list that's provided contains everything a pet owner needs to know: The clinic's name, address, phone number and business hours; the medical services provided; the species of animals served; and the names of the veterinarians on staff. Practices can also list their website address, and a map is available to show the clinic's location.

Pet owners can also search the site for specific health and pet-care related topics, such as what clinics might offer dermatologic or behavior services, for example, or where boarding and training is available. A link on the site to the AVMA's Animal Health page provides access to valuable information related to general pet care, emergency and first aid resources, and many other pet-related topics. Access to all of the information on is free.

"Thousands of practices are listed on, and we're adding more every day," Dr. Kornegay said. "Pet owners who visit our site can be assured that they are getting information from a trusted source that represents more than 81,500 veterinarians across the country."

American Veterinary Medical Association


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