Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bernese Mountain Dog Rescued By Helicopter After Being Lost In The Mountains For 15 Days

Photo by Special to The Sun

After a long fifteen day search looking for Darwin Schandor’s lost Bernese Mountain dog the North Shore Rescue crew were able to air lift his missing dog named Hurley to safety.

Apparently Hurley had gotten lost in the Vancouver, North Shore mountains and was not wearing a GPS that was part of the deal from a dog service company while the Schandor’s were on vacation.

The search manager from North Shore Rescue Tim Jones said: Hurley was found on a three metre wide ledge at the five fifty metre elevation beside a water source. He probably fell and tumbled there. He wasn't hurt other than a scratched paw, but he was stuck and he couldn't get off.

Read the article by Kim Pemberton here.

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Natalie Berner said...

Good to hear that Hurley was found. Glad he's home now. I also lost my dog in the park when I was 5 and my mom said I didn't eat for a day. I know how you felt when you lost him.