Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Philadelphia Arrest 14 For Dog Fighting

Yesterday the Pennsylvania SPCA and the police made a raid at a few different locations which resulted in the arrest of fourteen animal abusers. The SPCA were also able to rescue twenty six dogs as a result of the raid.

Supposedly there were around twenty five animal abusers at the dog fight, but the police were only able to arrest fourteen of them. Their names are: Henry Beard, Rashawn Coleman, Jerome Davis, Paul Escobosa, Vincent Floyd, Theodore Gaines, Jonathan Galarza, Edward Gonzalez, Paul Greenidge, Jeffrey Harris, Marcquel Johnson, Donte Jones, Daniel Parmegiani and Juan Rosa.

Hopefully the dogs with be able to find good homes where they will be loved and these animal abusers will be the ones locked up in cages.

If you want to see their photo’s and read the article by Nicole Brewer and Jim Melwert here.

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