Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Store Was Called Forever Puppies Which Turned Out To Be Hell

An unlicensed pet store owner named Debora Van Oort ran a pet store called Forever Puppies but when the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control workers went into her place of business they found two dead puppies and no food for the other animals.

Photo by Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post

The worst part was when the workers search Debora’s home they found five dead dogs in her freezer along with two other dead animals in her home.

How sick is this for a person who has the gall to name her store Forever Puppies. And to think that the judge only charged Debora Van Oort today with: failure to pay a puppy supplier.

What about all the abuse the dead dogs and the animal abuse which she did to these poor little dogs is what I would like to know.

Read the article by Michael Laforgia, Sonja Isger and Cynthia Roldan here.


Anonymous said...

How do I get in touch with someone she also stiffed me close to 2000 for puppies that were delivered and never paid for I have the checks that were sent back to me!

Dogman2 said...

I would just contact the local police in the town that Debora Van Oort lived in.