Friday, April 1, 2011

Rescued, Missing And Dead Dogs

So who left the two dogs with seven puppies in a box at the Strawtown Auction Barn in Hamikton County, Indiana? That’s what Tom Rogers from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office ( 317-776-4110 ) would like to know.

How could anyone just dump their dogs off with their little puppies is just heart breaking.

Read the article here.

Two coast guards in Japan have rescued a dog that was living on a roof off the coast of Kesennuma some three weeks later. I can only say that this is one lucky dog to be able to survive that long at sea.

Read the article by Stephen Smith here.

What I would call an animal abuser named Dennis Reidy from Cayce. SC was arrested and charged with maltreatment of animals after what police chief McNair said: In thirty six years I have seen some deplorable conditions but nothing compares to this, had these animals escaped I have no idea what we would have faced.

There were six dogs killed when they attacked a few of the officers as they went into the home of Reidy with a warrant. They were able to rescue six other dogs that were in this mess.

Hopefully the six dogs that were rescued will be able to find a real place to call home.

Read the article by Tony Santaella here.

This poor little dog named Coal from Mill Valley, CA had died due to alcohol and drug poisoning by a bunk of kids at a party.

Photo by CBS SF

How cruel is that for this little guy to die because these kids thought that it would be fun to let the dog drink booze.

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The Alachua County Sheriff's Office SWAT team and the Humane Society had their hands full when they arrest Eric S. Cox and rescued twenty four dogs and one hundred roosters that were being used for fighting.

Hopefully these dogs can be treated and become adoptable.

Read the article by Cindy Swirko here.

Finally Maximina Sue Shelton of Salem, Indiana has confessed to throwing her little cocker spaniel our her car earlier this month.

Rebecca Eaves from the Shamrock Arrow Fund said: She confessed to throwing Bambi from the car. The sad part is this will be a misdemeanor.
< br> Well hopefully the judge doesn’t see it as a misdemeanor and make this animal abuse pay the price.

Read the article by Charles Gazaway here.

How far would you go to find your missing dog? The owners of a dog named Diesel named Jennifer Mowdy and Derek Wilhoit have gone all out by putting up a billboard along a main road in Johnson City, TN.

Well I must say these two definitely love their dog to go this far out to find their dog.

Read the article by Chris McIntosh here.

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