Friday, April 8, 2011

Unlicensed Humane Society Gets Shut Down

What is being call as an unlicensed Humane Society in Pendleton County, KY has been shut down after someone tipped of the authorities and a warrant was served to the owner Carletta Chaney.

There were a total of eighty five dogs and eight cats that were removed from a warehouse where the so called shelter was being ran out of.

The owner Carletta Chaney said: I don't have a license, but I have trouble getting one and the county attorney told my attorney for me not to get one. And her reply to the horrid smell of ammonia in the building was: It's only been hot two days, we haven't opened the exhaust fans yet. They were closed for the winter because it makes the heat bills so much more.

So where do you go from there now that these dogs and cats were moved to two different shelters. Was this place really being run right or not, but the bottom line was that Carletta didn’t have a license.

Read the article here.

There was also a good article about people using phony service dog license which has gotten a lot of people upset.

Read the article by Carmel Cafiero here.

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