Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Started Out As A Poster Contest For Animal Cruelty Sure Had Some Surprises

What better way than to help kids understand animal cruelty then to get them involved with awareness. So an organization called Animal Rescue Superhighway that was founded by Melanie VanNuys offered to help the local grammar schools kids in Brooke, Hancock, Harrison and Jefferson counties in Ohio.

And that was all that happened for these little kids, they had a guest visitor named Prospect and his Chauffeur named Ed from K9roadtrip. I’ll bet these little kids were sure happy as some of the kids received awards along with the visit from Prospect.

Melanie Van Nuys from Animal Rescue Super Highway said: Cruelty is out there. The sooner they learn in their early years, instill compassion and respect it will be better and stop potential abuse later on.

While Ed the Chauffeur said: He brought lots of love and companionship to my life, animals have a lot to offer to humans: patience, understanding. You have to look at that.

Read the article by Amy Wadas here.


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