Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UK Vets Are Warning Dog Owners About Lungworm Breakout

What is being said is that the killer parasite called Lungworm is spreading though out the country at an alarming rate. This parasitic worm will cause severe respiratory problems and sometimes be fatal it not treated in time.

Last year a Doctor named Eric Morgan from Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences who led the research said: This parasite can cause serious disease and is spreading, reaching many new areas (including Bristol and Scotland) in the last few years. Disease can present in a variety of ways, not necessarily involving respiratory signs, so pet owners and their vets should be aware of the risk. Disease is most common in younger dogs, though age is not a barrier to infection. On the bright side, dogs that are treated regularly with appropriate wormers are at lower risk, so we can act to protect our pets’ health.

If you would like to learn more about this parasite Bayer has put up a web site for some great info for pet owners here.

Read the article here.

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