Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Didn’t Tell Me That The Dog I Adopted Had Parvovirus

Could you even imagine the odds of adopting a dog and to find out that it had a deadly virus called parvovirus. Well a guy named Tom Stengele who found a new dog on the web after his two dogs recently died of old age thinking that he’d find a new partner. Well it must have been real heart breaking to have adopted this dog from an animal rescue and have the poor dog die five days later.

Tom Stengele said: The vet was really upset too and he said tests for parvovirus are like thirty dollars, so Hilltop could have done this at home and all of this could have been avoided. The poor dog died in isolation because when they have this disease, they have to keep him in isolation so they don't infect the other dogs.

How sad is that for the poor dog to die due to not having proper care from the animal rescue shelter.

Read the article by Jon Yates here.

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