Monday, October 4, 2010

Pet Resuce Mask Kits Being Donated

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Pet Safety Expert Lindsey Wolko Launches The Pet Paramedic Project -- Funding Oxygen Rescue Masks for Pets

Give those pups some air! In honor of National Fire Prevention Month Pet Safety Expert Lindsey Wolko and Canine Commuter have kicked off The Pet Paramedic Project to fund Oxygen Rescue Masks for Pets.

Pet Safety Expert Lindsey Wolko and Canine Commuter have launched The Pet Paramedic Project - to fund Pet Recovery Oxygen Mask donations to First Responders. Pet Recovery Oxygen Masks are used by Fire and Rescue departments to aid pets suffering from respiratory distress caused by smoke inhalation. These items are not necessarily included in departmental funding but they can mean the difference between life and death for the family pet.

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) estimates that yearly, approximately 500,000 household pets are affected by fire. There are several practical measures you can do to help your pets survive a fire - installing window clings on a front window, practice emergency exit routes, and keep pets away from open flames and fire hazards. The Pet Recovery Oxygen Masks are an important component to help ensure that pets involved in a fire and suffering from smoke inhalation receive immediate oxygen therapy to improve breathing and improve the possibility of survival.

Wolko is no stranger to the devastation of fire. Her family home was destroyed by fire when she was young. "Mom and dad were able to get the children and the family dog out of the house before it was completely engulfed. We lost almost everything - but we still had an intact family and were very grateful no one was injured. My parents instilled in us the importance of supporting your local Fire Department so as a Pet Safety Professional this mission was a constructive way for Canine Commuter to become more involved."

Want to help The Pet Paramedic Project? Shop at - Wolko has authorized Canine Commuter to donate 25% of their profit during the month of October to fund The Pet Paramedic Project. "I believe in this mission and want to ensure we can distribute mask kits to First Responders until all Fire & Rescue Departments are equipped with Pet Recovery Oxygen Masks." You can also make a contribution to help fund masks through Canine Commuter's website.

Is your Fire and Rescue Department in need of an Oxygen Rescue Mask Kit for Pets? Send your request and contact information to RescueMe(at)CanineCommuter(dot)com .

About Canine Commuter: Pet Safety Expert Lindsey Wolko launched Canine Commuter in 2007. Canine Commuter independently samples and trials pet products for quality and performance. Her javascript:void(0)company's mission continues to be inspired by her dog, Maggie, who was seriously injured by a poorly designed safety harness.

Lindsey Wolko

The Glendale,AZ Firefighters had just rescued a little Chihuahua yesterday and without these mask who knows what might have happened to the dog. Great work guys.

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