Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Upset View Of An Animal Adopter

I was reading a post on Craigslist list today when I came across this post and it had me wondering too why the pet adoptions could be better if they weren’t like what this person has went though when they went to adopt a dog.

I had to remove some of the language from this post.

Animal Rescues are Crazy

Date: 2010-10-16, 7:42AM MST

I have recently been looking to possibly get another dog. i started like most people do and went to the paper and checked out the ads for the breed i was wanting to buy. Found several that are a good possibility, but then i got to thinking, what about getting a dog from a rescue? At first I though it would be a good idea. YEAH RIGHT. These rescues must have the top 1% of all the animals of their particular breed because the bullxxxx they wanna try to make wade through to get one is retarded. First they talk about you have to fill out a two page or more questionnaire about yourself and every detail of your life, then they want to have a "panel" of volunteers approve you. After that if you pass they send out poeple to inspect your home and decide if you are fit to have a dog or not, then and only then can you even look at the pups and try to decide on one. And then come the fees. For the breed i was looking at the medium price was about $225 for an 8 week old puppy. these rescues expect $300 or more for any of their pups. They are XXXXXXX STUPID!!! What a waste of time.

now don't get me wrong I understand wanting to make sure that the home a dog goes to will be a good one, and that these animals will be properly taken care of. But pull your heads out of your xxxxx. They are stupid to believe that most people are going to be willing to pay more for an adult dog that unfortunately has probably come from a bad home and has problems, than they would for a new puppy that they can easily train, and have it grow up with a family. These Rescues should be happy to see someone who shows interest in taking one of their animals and placing it in a home.

Also i know the argument about how they have costs and bills and crap like that that are associated with each animal, but there is a reason that rescues are categorized as non-profit businesses. Its becasue they aren't suppose to make a PROFIT in the course of their daily dealings. Plus they get donations from both private parties and state agencies too. And hell most of the rescues have the dogs placed in foster homes the entire time as well, and those foster homes are volunteers as well so theres no cost there either.

Anyway thats my rant for the day and in close to all the Animal Rescues out there:

figure it out drop the whole better than everyone else image and let people adopt these animals for a realistic fee, without all the bureaucratic bullxxxx involved , and realize that there are people like me who would have been willing to adopt a dog from you instead of buying a new one if you guys would have pulled your heads outta your xxxxx before i started looking.

-An Animal Lover

PS Please DON'T email me, post a reply on CL so that everyone can see it. Thanks

After reading this post it does make sense that more dogs would be adopted if the price was lower and you didn’t have to go through all the paperwork that seems to be like going for a mortgage. The best part I found was ( These Rescues should be happy to see someone who shows interest in taking one of their animals and placing it in a home. ) I have to agree with this because that’s what it’s all about, finding a new home for these poor dogs.

So tell me what your thoughts are towards the high price of adopting a pet. And wouldn't it make sense to try and give the dogs away as soon as they get them to help keep the cost down. This way the turn around would be fast and there would be more room for other dogs to find homes before they are killed due to not finding homes for them.

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Dog Mama said...

I don't really think the price is high. I can understand that.

The amount of paperwork and approval protocols are often insane though. There are even places that won't let you adopt a dog if you don't have a good size fenced yard for example.

A dog doesn't need a yard, he needs walks.

Bottom line, by many of their criteria we are not fit to adopt a dog.

We have two and they are as happy as can be. Just saying ...