Monday, October 11, 2010

Dogs Seized From All Over

So where was this so called dog breeder named Terri Lea Hamilton from Sardinia, OH when the local authorities found some thirty eight dogs left abandoning in the home she was renting. They also found dead dogs in the freezer and on the floor in the vacant house and one left outside.

The Dog Warden named Paul Hughes said: It's pretty bad. There is a lot of feces. The dogs have had the run of the house. They didn't get into all of the rooms, but there were dead bodies found in the back of the property.

So where is Terri hiding now that the courts are going to be looking for her and I hope they find her for what she did to these dogs.

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Photo by the Drexel Police Department

Another raid on a home in Burke County, NC has turned up forty more pets that were left along in a home that was unfit to even be in. The owner named Christine Butler is supposable in a nursing home at the time but she will be charged with cruelty to animals.

There is no excuse for these dogs and cats to be left to live under these conditions.

Read the article by Cameron Easley here.

Over in Reidsville, NC the police working on a tip had found dozens of dogs that were seized along with a few dead dogs on the property.

Read the article by Davetta Blount here.

Down in Vicksburg, MS the local fire department had stumbled upon what might have been a dog fighting ring when they found twelve pit bull terriers that had wounds on them and were chained up outside.

I can only say that I hope the owners of these dogs get hit with the book by the judge.

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El Paso Texas will be without one more pet store named Petland due to the new laws that were past and a few animal activist come the end of the year. But the store’s owner is going out with a bang when Marlene Estrada filled a lawsuit against four animal welfare groups.

I guess we will have to wait and see how this lawsuit works out in court to know if the animal groups are really responsible for the closing of this store.

Read the article by Gaby Loria here.


The Teacher's Pets said...

How could a landlord not find the time to check in with their tenants at least on a month to month basis is beyond me? And why weren't the neighbors suspicious ... or were they? I betcha someone knew something was strange about their neighbor but he/she probably thought someone else would report the noise/stench but that didn't happen, did it? It irritates me that hoarders aren't brought to justice sometimes and it bothers me greatly that the dogs (both dead and alive) had to suffer b/c of her!

Steve said...

That's regrettable to be experienced by a dog. Treating our pets with proper care is an obligation. We don't own a pet just for nothing, anyway. I for one, love animals so much that I have three dogs, two cats, couple of birds, and a tank of angel and gold fish. As I can sense it, my first pet dog treats me like his true best friend. He follows me around and we sleep together. And unlike the in the story you shared, I will never abandon my pets.