Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just A Touching Story

We read all the time about dogs either being abused or some good news about dogs, but this is a story about a women who touched the lives of others with her dogs.

Sadly to say that a women named Kathy Yager from Nevada had passed away and for her dedicated work the Hutchinson Kennel Club will be holding memorial services for Kathy at the kennel club.

It makes you wonder why there, but if you read about the work this women did for the love of dogs and the joys she brought with the dogs to the hospice center to help bring some joy to the kids it will make you understand why this women has touch the local people’s hearts.

So today I thought that I would post this article to help share to others about how much the dedicated workers that work with their dogs to bring a little joy and companionship to others means to them.

I don’t know Kathy, but after reading the article she has touch my heart, So I say Thank You Kathy.

Read the article by Kathy Hanks here.

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