Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Sick Dog Killers And Abusers Out There


A Whack’ O from Virginia named Leshawn Harper set his brother Demestrius Harper dog on fire, has sick is that.
I hope that the dog lovers in jail take care of this lowlife.

Up in Somerton, Pennsylvania another sick’o has cut Sherri Verdons dog in half and left it on her porch. What is this world coming too with all the animal abuse going on?

Sherri Verdon said: It’s very gruesome. It’s very scary. It’s a sign to me. If somebody’s disturbed enough to do that to a dog, what are they going to do to me?

I think that this women should get some protection in case this person comes back.

Read the article by Valerie Levesque here.

A company called K9 International LLC from Royal Palm Beach, Fl had one of their dogs seized when an employee found three dead puppies in a dumpster to see if the puppies were from their dog.

Apparently this company has had some twenty one dogs seized before this. Something is a little fishy to me about this company and you would think that the clients would be aware of all the seizures.

Read the article by Sonja Isger here.

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