Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If I Were A Dog, I’d Rip Them Apart

First you have someone poisoning seven German Shepherds in Huron County, Michigan with antifreeze. Why would anybody do that to these poor dogs? Then over in Berlin, Maryland you have some nut case shooting a chocolate lab with two arrows while another dog has also been reported missing. This is really starting to get me upset reading about my poor buddies being hurt. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the MSP Berlin barracks at (410) 641-3101. Then down in Wittmann, AZ the police found what to be a puppy mill that was breeding pit bulls and a neighbor had told the police that the owners of the dogs would shoot them with a BB gun when they made too much noise. I would love to shoot these two nut cases with a BB gun for what they did to these poor dogs. Then you got the SOB who starved to death his two dogs named Norman G Lamphear from Northampton who was sentenced to only six months in jail for what he did to these dogs. Maybe he should be starved to death too and see how his dogs felt.

It’s just so upsetting to read about the poor dogs being abused every day that it makes you so mad. I only wish that there was a national law that help protect our buddies from being abused.

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