Friday, October 22, 2010

Today's Animal Abuse Articles

Sometimes neighbors don’t get along and things go too far. A women named Megan Vititoe from Indianapolis said that her dog Lucy had come home smelling like gas. So did her neighbors really do this to her dog?

Hopefully the police will figure out how this happened and charges will be filed.

Read the article by Troy Kehoe here.

A dog killer named Shane Thompson from Boca Raton, FL has been charged with animal cruelty for killing his dog. It’s bad enough to kill your pet dog but they way Shane had killed his dog is upsetting and I hope the judge really throws the book at him.

The Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control Captain Dave Walesky said: He appears to have caused this dog to die a very painful and extreme death that was completely unnecessary.

The awful part of this is that his friends knew that Shane Thompson was abusing his dog called Moonshine and nobody even reported it to the authorities.

Read the article by Carey Codd here.

Working on a tip the Morgan County Sheriff’s and the ASPC along with the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Animal Care Facility Act raided a home where they found eleven dead dogs and removed twenty two other dogs from the owners.

So with charges pending hopefully these dog killers will be charged for what they did to these poor dogs.

Read the article here.

In Louisville, KY a dog killer named Amanda M. Mikesell is being charged with killing her boyfriends little puppy.

What would make this girl kill a little puppy like that is beyond me, hopefully the judge will see this threw a dogs eye and hit her with the book.

Read the article here.

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