Sunday, October 24, 2010

100% of product sales fund the Freedom Flight Program

Saving the Dogs One Purchase at a Time

Orange Dog, Kevin Costner, and the way to save dogs online

Actor, Director, musician, Kevin Costner has joined forces with Orange Dog founder Jan Folk as she works to save the lives of lovable mutts from California, and give them a new lease on life. Being a dog lover herself, Jan decided to take action. Once Kevin heard about the cause, there was no stopping him from jumping on board. That’s how the two dog-lovers joined forces for a cause.

Freedom Flights!
Orange Dog is the brainchild of Edmonton businesswoman and philanthropist, Jan Folk. As a friend of and generous donor to the Edmonton Humane Society, Jan leapt at the opportunity to help in this life-saving initiative in June 2009, but still she wished she could do more, so Orange Dog was born. The Orange Dog web store features a selection of high quality products for dogs and their owners – 100% of product sales fund the Freedom Flight Program. The animals are brought from California humane societies, where many of the dogs are in their last days on “doggie death row.” The Edmonton Humane Society finds that more people are willing to wait for the California dogs because they know that many of those sold in newspaper or on-line ads, or in pet stores may come from puppy mills or brokers where they often live in horrible conditions; and are often bred without considering the dogs’ welfare.

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