Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Total Of 164 Dogs Removed And Counting

Down in Santa Fe, NM the authorities have their hands full with the recent removal of some fifteen dogs from the Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary. They now might be charging the operator of the sanctuary Natalie Owens with fifteen counts of animal cruelty for leaving dogs in the car during extreme weather over one hundred degrees.

Natalie Owens & another employee named Paul Vigil are also looking at larceny charges for the thief of a dog.

Read the article here.

Photo by Fox News

Another sad dog story about the removal of twenty dogs that were so neglected that it makes you sick.
The Marion County Animal Services were working on a tip about some neglected dogs when they went to a women named Loreli Aguda’s home and found these poor dogs living in hell. How could anybody do this to their dogs and not even care is beyond me.

Read the article here.

News Video Of Dogs Being Removed

I will let the video tell the story about the removal of one hundred and twenty nine dogs from a puppy mill in Bowman County, NC.

The CCDHS were unable to even remove all the dogs from the puppy mill where they had to leave some sixty dogs due to being over whelmed with this many dogs at one time.

Read the article by Retha Colclasure here.

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