Saturday, October 23, 2010

They Killed His Dog While He Sat In Jail For Trying To Break His Dog Out

A man named Edwin Fry from Hydro, OK who had his little poodle named Buddy Tough locked up in the kennel because a neighbor didn’t want the dog in her yard and brought the dog to the kennel is now in jail and his poor dog has been killed.

Edwin Fry was caught trying to break his little dog out of the pound when he got caught red handed by the police because he didn’t have the money for the fine. During the time Edwin was in jail for trespassing and burglary while trying to retrieve his dog, the kennel had killed his dog.

You need to picture the whole story behind this because Edwin Fry was a seventy three year old man who’s love for his dog had made him attempt to try and rescue his dog. How many people do you know that have the love for their dog that would do this?

Edwin Fry said: They told me they were going to kill him, so there was no choice but to take matters into my own hands.

Things also got a bit serious when Edwin said: I told them I don't advise you take my dog unless you want to face my shotgun.

It’s a sad ending for this whole story when you understand the love of Edwin had for his dog and what he went though only to have his dog killed. Yes it was the wrong way to go about this but when that’s all you have in your life you learn to treasure it no madder what.

Read the article by Ann Kelley here.


one bullet, one empty head said...

Do you know the name of the Kennel? I've been trying to figure it out so I can call them and complain.

Dogman2 said...

Here you go
Weatherford Animal Control
SE of City, Weatherford, OK 73096
(580) 772-1195 ‎