Thursday, December 31, 2009

N Platte, NE Home Breeder Raided, 80 Dogs Rescued

Over and over again these so called home breeders are doing more damage to are buddies then they are worth. This time a home breeder in North Platte, NE was raided by the Lincoln County Sheriffs along with the help of the local animal shelter when they took eighty dogs from the home.

So again the local shelters are stuck with these poor dogs and they will have to foot the bill to check all these dogs health before any of them can be adopted. When will the greed stop and allow the dogs that are homeless to be adopted to a loving home. We read all the time how many of these dogs are killed because they weren’t adopted which is sad because there are so many dogs out there.

Read the article here.


Tony Warne said...

Yet again the rescue shelters will be forced to cope with an influx of mistreated and unwanted animals.

Happy it was stopped, but dismayed at the problems that it causes.

Dogman2 said...

Hopefully one day we won't be reading about this anymore.....

They should make these so called breeders foot the bill and maybe they will think first before they abuse anymore dogs.