Saturday, January 2, 2010

Was Anybody Really Taken Care Of The Animals

They were supposed to be taking care of the animals in the shelter, not abusing them. So now that the executive director of the Birmingham, AL animal welfare group known as TEARS has been fired, hopefully these animals will now have a chance to a new life.

So here is the fired director saying she is worried that the dogs will be euthanized, when you have to wonder why it got to the point it is now. You don’t have possible charges of animal cruelty hanging over your head if you didn’t do something wrong.

A governance consultant named Allison Black said: All of the agencies agreed from the onset that none of the animals would be euthanized. The veterinarians are taking some of the sickest dogs, and I believe a cat to their private clinics for treatment. The veterinarians are working for free and they are treating the animals like gold.

My question is why did it take so long before anybody took some action to put a stop to the abuse. You tell me that none of the employees said anything. How could you work there and not say something if you were a real animal lover and witnessed the abuse going on.

Read the article by Sherrel Stewart here.

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