Saturday, December 5, 2009

So How Many Pet Stores Have You Visited

Well I happened to stop over at Whiskazz and Pawzz who sells a lot of different types of dog related items on their site. One of the best parts of the visit was that they seem to have a special consultant who tests all the toys and treats named Cappi who is a beagle. Now if that isn’t funny I don’t know because how often do you see a real taste tester for the approval on a pet store site.

Another nice part of the site is knowing that some of the presides from the sale is donated towards helping abused and abandoned animals. Now that’s what it’s all about, giving back to help our buddies.

So Stop over @ Whiskazz and Pawzz and check out what Cappi recommends.

I don't want to forget about the Holiday Tips from Joel Silverman

The Holidays are Just a Tail Away
Joel Silverman Provides Holiday Safety Tips to Keep Pets Happy and Healthy

With the holidays just around the corner, families are eagerly planning for the holidays and buying gifts for their pets and for the pet lovers in their life. During this exciting time, pets can easily get into trouble or find themselves in unsafe situations with Christmas trees, holiday lights and sugary treats.

Expert dog trainer and author of anticipated bestselling book What Color is Your Dog? Joel
Silverman offers a quick list of tips to keep dogs happy and safe this holiday season:

Pets as Gifts
1. The selection of a new pet is an important process, and not a split second "gift" decision
2. The person that needs to be involved is the person that will be owning the pet.
3. Many dogs end up in animal shelters and humane societies because they were given as a gift
and their owners weren’t ready for the commitment.
4. Few people have time to take care of a new pet around the holidays.
5. Instead of giving a pet, give a coupon or gift certificate from your local humane society.

Keeping Your Home Safe

1. Try to keep your dog from exploring around the Christmas tree, be aware of what he is doing and make sure that he is not eating or chewing on any ornaments, cords, branches or other holiday décor.
2. Keep the lights off and unplugged when you are away from home. In the event your dog does chew on a cord, he will not be injured or shocked by the electricity.
3. Be aware of all the items you put out around the house during the holidays, including candy. Remember, to always keep dogs away from chocolate!

Hosting parties/Keeping your pet on the right diet

1. When you invite guests over, make sure they do not feed your dog people food. 2. Little bites of food coming from dozens of guests can add up to more than your dog can
handle and could make him sick. 3. One suggestion is to keep him calm and your guests happy is to put your best friend in a
separate room during your holiday party. 4. One way to keep your pet safe during the party, but still not completely isolated from the fun
would be to have a few of the guests give your dog some Bil-Jac treats before the night is through.

Joel Silverman is the author of new book What Color is Your Dog? and host of Animal Planet’s Good Dog U. For over 25 years, Silverman has worked behind the scenes training animals for movies, TV shows and commercials. He has appeared on national programs such as Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, CNN, MSNBC and FOX News, along with hundreds of local morning news programs. Silverman has offered advice on pet care and training based on his lifetime commitment to the welfare of animals and their special place in our lives. Silverman is currently on a 100 city book tour for What Color is Your Dog? For more information about Bil-Jac and tips from Joel Silverman, visit or

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